Saturday, June 01, 2013

Remember to Breathe

Seems I forget about this blog more and more-sorry to anyone who actually still visits.  Currently I'm in the thick of illustrating the next Zodiac book, Year of the Horse which is taking up much of my nights and also designing loads of props at my day job at Nickelodeon.  Definitely grateful for these opportunities but it can be tough finding a calm balance between life and work sometimes.  It's important to remember to take breaks and I felt the urge to update this blog but was struggling with finding something post-able so here's a bunch of random doodles.  Just sketching for myself seems elusive lately but I am really trying to get a doodle out whenever possible.  I often feel self-conscious about sharing some of this stuff online since alot of it doesn't really feel too "blog worthy" and is mostly just unrefined scribble scrabble (most of which is hidden away in a shoebox).  But I think doodling is like breathing-you shouldn't have to think about it too much but it's important to keep doing it...... 

Dogs have been on my mind lately
(I'm hoping to adopt one in the near future)

Annoyed Bobcat-think I drew this a year ago-I always forget to date my pages:

Unicorns are therapeutic, even weird ones with whiskers-
I need to draw more of them:

Rosie the donkey from the equestrian center where I was doing "research" for Year of the Horse:

Research! :

A marker zebra drawn while watching a nature show on the equines:

Live peoples drawn somewheres:

Until my next break....Doodle-on!