Monday, January 14, 2008

Where In The World Have I Been? Conclusion

I really enjoyed my short time in Germany, it was much more open there which was refreshing after all the tightly packed cities we'd visited and it smelled really good, like bratwurst and roasted chestnuts : )

Berlin, Germany:
A segment of the Berlin Wall:Europeans love their small cars, I saw lots of Mini Coopers but especially Smart Cars-they were zooming around all over the place.??...Um, there were some exceptions:
New Year's in Berlin:
Photos can't describe the craziness!
Thousands of people(with backpacks stuffed with fireworks) gathered in celebration at the Brandenburg Gate(I was there though I never saw the gate it was so chaotic). I tried to take pictures but it was really hard when you are completely surrounded by people and fireworks and having to shield yourself from the blasts - I kept the hood of my jacket up the whole time. No Man's Land: Areas of the street were designated as zones for lighting fireworks but that didn't keep people from throwing live firecrackers into the crowd, I had to watch my feet.At the stroke of midnight the entire place exploded, booms and blasts in all directions, it was incredibly loud!It was so smokey you could hardly see the official fireworks going off in the sky.Somehow I made it out of there with only a few minor singes, definitely an intense experience I won't soon forget...

New Year's morning... it snowed!The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church: It was bombed in World War II and all that remains is this clock tower which had the most amazing tolling bells I've ever heard. Surrounding it was a neat little Christmas market selling all sorts of German goodies.
On to Frankfurt:
Coming Home:
Somewhere over Greenland....definitely not very green ; )
To conclude, it was a wonderful adventure that gave me a new appreciation for all these historical places. I'd definitely love to visit Europe again someday....but it is good to be home ; )
I hope everybody enjoyed these pictures, I know it's not the same as actually being there but it's the best I could do...

Okay, I'll be getting back to my doodles now... : )

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  1. Jenn,
    It was good running into you again. I wish I had visited your blog before our encounter. I spent almost 2 months in europe in 06. I would have loved hearing your stories and sharing some... well, next time.
    Anyway, these are some really awesome pictures. I can only imagine what a blast you had. Im glad you got to get away and experience that whole other crazy and incredible world over there.


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