Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Dog-Lion

It was a nice day and I was out doodling in the park during my lunch break when I hear the pitter-patter of paws on pavement. Looking up I was surprised by the sight of none other than a Dog-Lion, yes half dog, half lion. He was quite distinctive as he came loping by and I furiously tried to capture him on paper before he disappeared. (Digitally painted later)

The children in the park were very fascinated by him as well.....
.....I think Dog-Lion enjoyed the attention.


  1. yeah!! you have a blog. or i finally found it!! your dog-lion or dare i say - liog - is super-cool looking!! humbling and awe-inspiring all rolled into one beautiful piece. how's everything else?

  2. WTH XD...really it was a lion dog? XD U needed to take a photo!! ><...these are sooo cute I luv the one where he's being petted! X3...MAN U NEED TO MAKE A CHILDREN'S BOOK OF HIIMMM!!! ><


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