Thursday, February 08, 2007


Here's some more drawings of my African wild dog fellow. A while back I'd picked up a big book on African wildlife in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble and I love flipping through it and looking at all the critters. There was only one photo of these guys in there but it was enough to inspire me. I decided to slim him up a bit more, I really like the lankiness of wild dogs. Their splotchy markings and big ears are fun to play with design-wise.
BTW, thanks to everyone who have left comments, it's always fun hearing from you guys : )


  1. Pretty COol Jenn.
    How is life? Fun I hope.

  2. Fantastic pictures here - you have a great way with colour. Fab

  3. WOW lovely character and sketch...
    i like the Parisian and Pooch, is superb

  4. This is a fun looking character. Cool stuff. I would like to see him animated.

  5. whoa these rock. Way to go Wood!


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