Wednesday, June 25, 2008


....this is based on an old doodle I did a long time ago that I redid in Illustrator for practice.


  1. I love the shapes in her face and the flow. (And the purple hair, yea!)
    Can you teach me Illustrator if I bake you a cake? :D

  2. :) Thanks,

    um, I guess I could teach you, though I don't really know Illustrator very well which is why I'm trying to brush up on it...I find importing old sketches and working over them is a good way to learn what the tools thing I like about illustrator is it feels kinda like you're putting a puzzle together but you get to make all the pieces.

  3. Waha! Nice, I like the way you describe it. Puzzles are kewl... working with vector graphics on the other hand is vexing. For me. :)


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