Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Springtime Serenade

(Painted that old sketch I posted awhile back with a few changes)
Since I saved this in stages I thought I'd share my progress work along with the finished version:Digital: Painter, Photoshop


  1. Very Beautiful work! What brushes did ya use? Im curious..

  2. Thanks Brandon :)
    I use a hodgepodge of brushes in Painter-for this piece I primarily used digital watercolor simple water, artist's oils wet brush, opaque gouache, square hard pastels and digital airbrush. I just discovered the sharp triple palette knife which I had fun creating textures with though it doesn't really show up too well in this low res version. I also tend to mess with the brush opacity presets etc to get them to work to my liking.

  3. It`s a pleasure to meet your art.You`ve got a really personal and warm style.Maybe one day a book of you arrive to Argentina and then I will be the first in catch it.Sorry for my bad english,HA.Best regards from Argentina

  4. Jen! You should do some painter tutorials on youtube a la Tina Schmidt. You have so much experience to share! These step-by-steps relieved so much anxiety I had about starting painter :)


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