Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Once, not so very long ago, I was walking to class from my dorm in college when along the path heading towards me came a trotting coyote. For a very brief moment we stopped and stood only a few feet apart regarding each other in startled silence and then he quickly turned and disappeared among the buildings. It was the one and only time I ever saw a coyote on campus...(that memory came back to me while I was drawing this.)


  1. Hi! Nice site and great talent! Can you make me a logo to use it on my site and I will give u a link on my site.
    Please contact me at

  2. really like the style of this one, great work :) oh btw u still up on the third floor? ive been meaning to stop by and say hi but seems like there getting a bit more strict in the other building :(

  3. aww man i never got to say good bye :(. Do have an email? Well, best of luck to you too and ill be stopping by ur blog every now and then to check out ur new work :) ttyl

  4. Thanks Ray, you can find my email on my website.


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