Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Sculpey Critter

(sculpey & acrylic)
Based loosely off that little unicorn drawing from a few posts's fun to make these though I wish I'd taken the class back in school...


  1. Hey Jen, this is really cute. The best tip I learned in the class is to take a small band saw blade, cut a 2" piece off, and crimp it into a loop with a small brass pipe to create a rake tool. Then rake the surface of the entire sculpt to get rid of the lumps, and then use isopropyl alcohol and a paint brush to melt the rake marks and smooth it all down.

    Raking Process:


    When you see the alcohol melt the sculpy it's amazing how smooth it becomes.

  2. Thanks for the helpful tip Matt, I appreciate it! Getting the sculpey smooth has been one of my biggest problems and I'll try to apply your tip in my next attempt-this is all a learning process for me at this point but it's fun.


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